Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day was a hit!!

What an emotional week this was! We studied Veterans this week and talked/learned a lot about the whole idea of Veteran's day. It was clear after the first conversation I had my work cut out for me when most of the kids were talking about VeteranARIANS! lol The kids did an amazing job over the week and learned a lot about our heroes! We did word webs, crafts, read books, and of course we wrote!!!

The writing was amazing to read and this little one in particular really caught my heart!! "Their helmets are their thinking caps" REALLY?? How cute is that!??

We celebrated Veteran's Day as a whole school on Friday!! The team responsible for planning the event (I was not a part of it... but they SURE deserve the credit!!) sent notes asking for names and addresses of any Veterans they knew with every student in the school. Over 60 invites went out and we had a lot come!

The classes learned songs, poems, and of course we sang the National Anthem! I could barely make it through the song I was so choked up! Call me a softy!!

One member of our staff is a serious blog stalker (me!!! I admit it!!) and LOVES all things posted in Cara Carroll's The First Grade Parade! We borrowed the idea of the hallway parade for the vets and it was a huge hit with the kids and the heroes!!

The Veterans were then treated to some snacks, coffee, and casual conversation.... I wish I had better pics of the room decorations! Those girls and their students did an amazing job!

Finally....The most touching pic of the day for me was this little guy and his grandpa walking down the hall to enjoy refreshments! Just shows what these men and women fought for!

I have always loved and celebrated Veteran's day in my class and we have almost always done a cool thing for these heroes in our small town but I love the fact that I can share the cool stuff our little staff does in my blog! Thanks again to Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade for some ideas in my room and I can not wait until next year!!


  1. Great day, I seen a few veterans I know, I seen my brother Butch and my Uncle Rudy! What a wonderful thing for them, veterans are always proud and no matter how bad they feel they always find the strength to stand up when a someone needs a veteran to show up! Great pictures! Vi

  2. Seeing these pictures of the kids honoring and learning about the reasons that we have so many freedoms, is awesome. You are an awesome teacher!!!