Friday, November 4, 2011

This week in Room 18

Holy smokes! It is already day #45 and we all survived Halloween Monday! There was quite a political scuffle in my little hometown about the re-routing of the Annual Costume parade. Now let me make it clear... Halloween in my town is a BIG.DEAL. We close down a couple blocks and everyone comes to watch from ages 1 to 91 (and older!!) As a native of this little city I was disappointed but as a teacher I totally get it. All we did was move it from the block in front of the school to the track right next door. Big Deal. The kids really loved walking on that track and people were still able to come watch. I thought it was nice. The only thing that bothered me was that the elderly couldn't get to the track to watch the kiddos... something to fix next hear.... ANYWAY... it has been surreal all week because of the whole party on a Monday thing. The kids have been pretty calm (I think they are exhausted!) but I just could not wrap my head around anything really profound! I was just plain pooped myself!
Next week I am excited to focus on Veteran's day. Our building invites veterans from the community and family members of students and staff to come speak, read, eat, and we sing them a few little songs. I think it is a great way to include the community, families, and to teach the kids about our important heros!! I am hoping to figure out how to upload some pics so I can show the awesome things we do for and with our local heroes!!

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