Friday, September 23, 2011

A Peek in my Planbook Week in Review Linky Party Week of September 23rd

WOW what an amazing week we have had! Seems every single minute was jam packed and this little group of people I have were ready for more everytime! Now that all the beginning of the year assessment nonsense **OOOPS!! Did I say that??** is over we can get to some serious learning!! This week we have been studying apples and have been doing some cool science activities with it. As usual we made a KwL chart first, read a book a day and added to our list as things came up. We made little books about apples and made apple glyphs about ourselves. We each got a cut apple and talked about how it turns brown. We tasted it before it browned then let it sit while we made a list of the 5 senses. Of course it turned brown and they were in awe of the magic!! We then had to be "brave scientists" and taste it when it was brown!!! The kids were again amazed that it did not taste any different! woot woot! Maybe fewer apples will be wasted!! LOL OF course we made applesauce today and the kids did most of the work themselves getting the apples ready for the crock pot. We wrote the recipe for how we made applesauce and I am hoping to compile a book of our cooking activities for moms at the end of the year!!! I feel like I thought that one up on my own but something tells me it was planted by one of my genius friends (or I read it somewhere!) and it came up subconsciously... either way it will be cool if I can keep up with the cooking part. That is where I fall astray!! By the way... the applesauce was a big hit but word to the wise... use LOTS of APPLES cause they cook down to nothing and turn the crock pot off at least an hour before you serve it. That stuff was CRAZY hot!!!!!!!
Next week we will continue with apples and make some tree models with twigs and fuzzy balls. Let's see how it works out or if it gets done at all. I always have high hopes when I am in the safety of my home but the day often gets away from me and we miss out on some of the fun crafty stuff!! Here is hoping for a great week!
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  1. I keep reading in people's blogs about how they're making applesauce... and I think the Kindergarten teacher makes applesauce but I might do it too because it sounds so delicious!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. It really is easy and the kids see it as almost magical! I have to say if you are using super fresh store bought apples make sure and mash them occasionally during the process. And make sure you use lots of apples. :)